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Are You Wasting Preciou$ Bird $eed?

Bird seed is expensive! Too costly to waste. Yet, day after day we throw much of it away when we dump the contents of our feed bowls into the trash.

60% to 75% of the used seed in our feed bowls is reusable. Every seed we buy should be eaten by our birds; not fed to the trash. Imagine how your bottom line would increase if 100% of the seed you buy would be consumed by your birds.

You’ve tried contraptions with fans, PVC plumbing pipe or just blowing over the seeds with your breath. These methods bring minimal success and are messy, slow and inadequate.

The Bird Seed Recycler will return the whole seed in your feed dishes you used to throw away.It’s so effective at stretching your seed supply that it’s like getting three bags of seed for each bag of seed you buy.

Like Getting Three Bags of Seed for Each Bag You Buy !!

We had an Idea Based On A Physics Principle

The Bird Seed Recycler stands alone in that it directs the flow of air by pulling it toward a vacuum rather than pushing it with a fan. Vacuumed air will perfectly follow a prescribed path while blowing air cannot.

The Bird Seed Recycler uses this principle of Physics to efficiently direct chaff and hulls out of your seed returning only pure seed to your waiting bucket.

Our task was to invent a unit with these specifications:

1. It had to perfectly remove dirt, husks and chaff from feed dish seed.

2. It had to process several pounds of seed each minute.

3. It had to be light, yet solid.

4. It had to be free of fans or other moving parts that tend to fail over time.

5. It had to function with any vacuum source using a standard 1-1/4 inch hose.

6. It had to be easy to handle, easy to mount and easy to use.

7. It had to be inexpensive and practical for people who own one bird or hundreds of them.the average bird owner.

8. It had to eliminate messiness by containing all debris collected from the used seed.


The Bird Seed Recycler is light (2 lbs.), sleek (20″ x 12″ x 2″) and made of sturdy, shatter-proof plastic. It has no breakable moving parts and nothing that requires replacement.

It easily attaches and adjusts to most home vacuum sources that have a standard 1-1/4″ vacuum hose and eliminates messiness by containing chaff and other debris in the vacuum. For best results, we recommend that you avoid vacuums with more than 1.75 HP motors.

And, best of all, it thoroughly and perfectly recycles pounds of seed from the tiniest finch seed to large parrot seed mix in minutes.


FACT: Without a Bird Seed Recycler You Are
Losing Big Money Every Day !!

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